Another Pokemon: Ash theory

Ash Ketchum

I read this, this weekend and boy was it a mind #%^&. I wanted to make sure to share with everyone; it’s another “It’s all in Ash’s head” theory around Pokemon. I hope you enjoy!

I have my own theories about a few things. I hope to put some fanfic down in this blog one day.

Pokemon – Anime Planet | Ash Ketchum – Anime Planet

Ding’ing 50 by romancing Nadia

My friend Xan was joking about romancing in SWTOR with Nadia, so I thought I’d take this opportunity to level to 50 via a kiss from Nadia to joke back with him. Enjoy.

Creepy/Weird SWTOR bug – Mobs twitching after death

SWTOR – The Battle of Ilum

This is a level 50 instance gameplay footage. I grabbed all but one boss, and I’m recording in the PoV of a healer (Sage). I hope you enjoy!

What’s happening with my blogs, my twitter, facebook, and me?!

I had attempted at one time to blog from my iPad, and unfortunately it hasn’t worked out. Let me tell you what’s going on with your old friend Crimm…

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League of Legends Cosplay

League of Legends Cosplay

Characters cosplayed: Ahri, Sona, Kat and Annie

Source | Ahri Source